GLOCK Ökoenergie


Welcome to the GLOCK Ökoenergie!

Company goals

  • to do business sustainable 
  • to become a market leader on the energy market 
  • to develop new innovations and solutions for sustainable heat and power 
  • to have strong customer relationships and strong cooperations amongst partners and suppliers 
  • to build supplier relations 
  • produce highly efficient, innovative, high-return and environmental friendly combined heat and power plants with integrated drying equipment and screw conveyors 
  • to keep up with the quick changing technoloy for our products

Unique selling proposition

  • Storable wood chips with max. 30% wood moisture
  • No screening of fines and excess lengths
  • Plug & Play - Plant ready wired and piped
  • Entire system under negative pressure operation
  • Wood chips logistics with FE separation in industrial design
  • Ash logistics with air purification system