GLOCK wood gas combined heat and power plants

The wood gasification plant GGV is ideal for medium and higher power capacity - it is a profitable solution for the regional heat supply.

Wood gasification plants

GLOCK wood gasification plant GGV 1.7

18 kW electrical power rating*
44 kW thermal power rating*
18 kg/h wood chips consumption*
18 kg/h pellets consumption*
400 V / 50 Hz electrical output
max. 90°C thermal output
5,209 x 2,221 dimensions
*according to: ISO 17225-4 A1 P16S-P31S

GLOCK wood gasification plant GGV 2.7

50 kW electrical power rating*
110 kW thermal power rating*
50 kg/h wood chips consumption*
50 kg/h pellets consumption*
400 V / 50 Hz electrical output
max. 90°C thermal output
3,400 x 2,620 mm dimensions
*according to: ISO 17225-4 A1 P16S-P31S

Advantages of a GLOCK wood gasification plant

  • By using a GLOCK wood gasifier you can gain profit by covering your own power consumptions
  • Additionally you can achieve high revenues by using the highest feed-in tariffs and subsidies
  • The machine operates full automatically on its own
  • The GGV is built on a platform which eases the transport of the machine
  • The CHP is so constructed so that it is easy to maintain
  • The whole system comes from us: wood gasifier, conveyor and dryer technology - The GLOCK Ecoenergy assembles the whole system so there are no difficulties in the application
  • Short payback periods
  • We can guarantee quality products from Austria with TÜV certificate
  • Efficient production of electricity and heat from wood chips and pellets (efficiency 90%)
  • By using regional resources you can be independent from energy price fluctuations
  • Highly environmentally friendly
  • Carbon-neutral
  • Independence from fossil fuels
  • Sustainable


The CHPs are capable to cascade. With this technical merger you can increase the electrical and thermal output by the nominal value.

Plug and Play

The combined heat and power plant is a turnkey installation on platforms which makes it easy to set it up on site. The company also offers complete solutions which additionally include dryers GGD and conveyor technology GGC. Thus, a complete energy system which is planned, produced and installed and merely requires you to start it up. 

Customer service with technology

Joint planning and finding the optimum solution are important. The GLOCK Ecoenergy designs entire local and district heating networks with external partners. Customers are guided through the whole planning and approval process.

Maintenance and service contracts

You are able to choose from various options depending on the maintenance and service. We offer maintenance and service contracts with the GLOCK Ecoenergy or cooperations with our distribution partners abroad or you as an owner can take care of all arising tasks by yourself. 

Wood chip usage

The performance of the machine is directly dependent on the used wood chips.

  • Use of storable wood chips - 30 % moisture
  • No sieving necessary
  • 15 % of bark and saw dust are allowed
  • The machine cannot operate with just bark or just dust or other materials than wood.